WATCH: Video Emerges Of Lev Parnas Holding Karen Pence’s Hand At Celebration

Joseph A. Bondy on Twitter
Joseph A. Bondy on Twitter

“.@VP Mike Pence does indeed know the guy. “”Everyone was in the loop.“ -Gordon Sondland” -Lev Parnas #LevRemembers #LetLevSpeak #TheyAllKnew”


Lev Parnas' attorney countered Vice President Mike Pence's denials of knowing him by tweeting out a video.

Lev Parnas’ lawyer, Joseph Bondy, tweeted a video of Vice President Mike Pence, his wife, and the indicted businessman to counter Pence’s denials of knowing him, according to Raw Story.

Pence said during a CNN appearance last week: “I don’t know the guy.”

Bondy tweeted the video Monday night with the caption: “Pence does indeed know the guy.”

The clip shows Parnas holding the hand of Karen Pence and talking to her as the vice president speaks to someone else at the table. The video ends as Parnas is seen reaching toward Mike Pence, waiting to shake his hand.

Parnas, in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, alleged that Pence was aware of his role in a pressure campaign on the Ukrainian government to get it to investigate the Biden family.

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We need to hear the truth. We need testimonies and evidence turned in to the senate and a real trial to take place. We the American people do not want weak senators to roll for Trump! We demand to hear the truth.


As senator of Texas please know that we, the people, citizens of the United States want to hear the truth during this impeachment. No more lies, get testimonies and evidence and let us get to the bottom of this. Otherwise the Republican Party will no longer stand for the same values.

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