WATCH: Tucker Carlson Was For Face Masks Before He Was Against Them

Screengrab / Media Matters For America / Facebook

Artivia Tahir

Tucker Carlson has gone back on his previous advocacy for wearing face masks to protect against coronavirus

Tucker Carlson has reneged on his previous support for masks as shown in a video comparing segments from his show in late March and early July.

  • In an airing from March 30th, Carlson harshly criticized the rhetoric at the time that stated that mask-wearing was not important and would not prevent the spread of the coronavirus. He cites success in Asian countries being largely dependent on the face mask requirement.
  • In the segment, he shares that “dozens of research papers have proved” that masks “work.”
  • Contrastingly, in a July 7th segment, he goes back on his initial view and suggests that masks in schools reopening in the fall would be unnecessary. He also goes on to criticize other social distancing measures that have been suggested to be implemented in schools.
  • He claims that the measures “have no basis of any kind in science” and are more performative than useful in what he describes as a “bizarre health theatre.”



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