WATCH: Trump Was Slurring Throughout His Mt. Rushmore Address

William James

Trump's slurring appears to be increasing and/or becoming more noticeable.

The president was slurring or having trouble pronouncing words throughout his speech at Mt. Rushmore. It's unclear if his speech is deteriorating, or if it's just becoming more noticeable.

In addition, it may also be that his speech is deteriorating and that's why it is more noticeable.

1.Trump was having a hard time speaking that night. (click link if video doesn't load)

​2.Trump had a really hard time saying 'totalitarianism' (click link if video doesn't load)

​3.Trump has hard time pronouncing Ulysses S. Grant. (click here if video doesn't load)

​4.Trump has a hard time saying 'Jefferson'. (click here if video doesn't load)

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Possible drugs or TIA.

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