WATCH: Trump Spoke With Putin Yesterday Despite Russian Bounties On US Soldiers

William James

Trump continues to reward America's arch-enemy despite evidence that Russians solicited the murder of 3 U.S. marines.

The Trump administration continues to lavish attention on Vladimir Putin despite his attempts to destabilize our democracy and destroy the Western alliance.

In addition, there is evidence that Russia solicited the murder of 3 U.S. Marines.

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The New York Times

The American military convoy was almost back to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan when a vehicle, laden with explosives, careened into it and detonated.

The powerful blast blew up a heavily armored troop carrier, engulfing it in flames. Marines poured out of the other vehicles in the convoy as they battled desperately to save the occupants of the burning carrier, including a Marine reservist — a New York City firefighter — who had once rescued a woman from a burning high-rise apartment.

But all of the American ingenuity that had gone into armoring military vehicles was not enough to stave off the horrendous damage caused by the blast in April 2019. The firefighter, Staff Sgt. Christopher K.A. Slutman, 43, did not beat the fire this time. Two other Marines, also reservists, were also killed, casualties of a two-decade war that has relentlessly continued to exact its toll on American troops.

Now those three Marines are at the center of the latest iteration of the continuing saga of President Trump and Russia.

American intelligence agencies are investigating whether that car bomb was detonated at the behest of a Russian military agency paying bounties to Afghan militia groups for killing American troops. Such a possibility, if true, would be a staggering repudiation of Mr. Trump’s yearslong embrace of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. Thus far, there is no conclusive evidence linking the deaths to any kind of Russian bounty.

Perhaps even more significant is that it has taken the debate over possible Russian bounties to bring what happened to Sergeant Slutman and the two other Marines — Sgt. Robert A. Hendriks, 25, and Staff Sgt. Benjamin S. Hines, 31 — to the forefront of American consciousness.


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