WATCH: Trump Says He Isn’t Concerned That Over 97K Kids Tested COVID+ Recently


“No, because they don’t get sick. They don’t get very sick."

President Trump said in a recent interview that he is not concerned about reports of nearly 100,000 children testing positive for the coronavirus in recent weeks, because they don’t generally become as sick as adults.

Asked about rising case numbers among students in the context of transmission rates and whether he was concerned about it, Trump responded, “No.”

“No, because they don’t get sick. They don’t get very sick,” the president said. “If you’re elderly, if you have bad heart problems and diabetes problems, that’s one thing. But children can get sniffles or they’ll get something, but they don’t get — if you look at the mortality rate, the mortality rate is almost nonexistent for young people. It’s an amazing thing.”


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