WATCH: Trump Praises The Genes Of Notorious Anti-Semite Henry Ford

Screengrab / Aaron Rupar / Twitter


President Trump said Henry Ford, a supporter of both Hitler and eugenics, had "good bloodlines."

During his visit to a Ford Motor Company plant in Rawsonville, Michigan, on Thursday, President Donald Trump referred to Henry Ford — a notorious anti-Semite — as having “good bloodlines.”

“The company founded by a man named Henry Ford,” Trump said. “Good bloodlines, good bloodlines.”

“If you believe in that stuff, you’ve got good blood,” he continued with a laugh.

The famous carmaker would likely agree with Trump’s assessment.

Ford was not just a supporter of Adolf Hitler, he was also a supporter of eugenics, the idea that certain types or people — or those with certain disabilities or traits — are undesirable and should be prevented from reproducing.

Trump himself believes in eugenics, claiming his success is due to his superior genes.

In 2010, Trump told CNN during an interview that he “was born with the drive for success because I have a certain gene.”

“I'm a gene believer... Hey, when you connect two race horses, you usually end up with a fast horse,” he said. “I had a good gene pool from the standpoint of that, so I was pretty much driven.”

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Possible lines of defense Trump may use in this matter:

  • I never said what you all heard me say
  • I'm historically clueless, so I cannot be held at fault (e.g. "I never met him, I barely know anything about him")
  • Nobody cares, cuz everybody there told me it was a great speech ... a fantastic speech ... the best speech they ever heard.

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