WATCH: Trump Mocks And Belittles Female Reporter Over Coronavirus Questions

Screengrab / @atrupar / Twitter


President Trump belittled a reporter for asking about his last negative COVID test before the first debate.

Ahead of the final presidential debate this week, a reporter asked President Trump if he would be transparent about his coronavirus testing prior to the first debate — and Trump responded with mockery to her reasonable and uncontroversial questions.

  • The reporter asked, “Will you authorize your doctor to tell you when you tested negative last before the last debate?”
  • “Is that very important to you? You seem to be so intent. But if it’s so important to you — why is it so important to you?” Trump asked.
  • “Because we want to know how long you may have been —” she responded, before Trump interrupted with, “Why? Why?”
  • “Because we want to know if you followed the rules,” she continued.
  • “I know, but why is it so important to you?” Trump cut in again. “Look at the dedication.”
  • “Will you authorize your doctor to release that information?” the reporter asks.
  • “Yeah, my doctors have already given it,” Trump said. “My doctors have given more information than has been given on any human being in the history of the world.”


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