WATCH: Trump Brags He Was Able To Identify An Elephant On His Cognitive Exam

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Julie Zheng

President Trump said of the test, “They get very hard, the last five questions.”

President Donald Trump bragged during an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace that he was able to answer the “very hard” questions on a simple cognitive test in order to prove he is smarter than his Democratic rival Joe Biden, according to HuffPost.

  • “It’s not the hardest,” said Wallace, who claimed he has also taken the exam. The test required identifying an elephant and sums such as “counting back from 100 by seven”.
  • “That’s all misrepresentation,” Trump replied. “The first few questions are easy but I bet you couldn’t even answer the last five questions. They get very hard, the last five questions.”
  • In an example version of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment provided by HuffPost, the last question, which Trump characterized as “very hard”, is “where are you right now and what is the date?”
  • “I answered all 25 questions correctly,” said Trump. “I could guarantee you Joe Biden couldn’t answer those questions.”
  • Trump also suggested that if he loses to Biden, he might not accept the result of November’s U.S. presidential election.

As the coronavirus surges, Trump also defended his handling of the pandemic.

  • “I’ll be right eventually,” said Trump. The coronavirus “is going to disappear.”
  • Total new COVID-19 infections on Friday were 70,674 in the U.S. Meanwhile, the deaths topped 900.
  • The average daily cases hit 60,000 in July as 41 states continue to break daily records for confirmed infections.

Trump has repeated the importance of economic recovery and urged a return to normal.

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