WATCH: Seattle Police Engage In Random, Brutal Attack Against Protesters

Screengrabs / @daeshikjr / Twitter


In the video, one protester falls to the ground after getting hit with pepper spray, but the officer hits them again.

Protesters in Seattle were met with an abundance of pepper spray after police instigated what appeared to be a random attack.

Twitter user Dae the Lawless, who posted video of the incident, wrote that “So much mace was used my eyes are still burning.”

“I asked the officer what provoked their attack and they responded by telling me to shutup unless I could prove I was legal council,” he added.

The video shows an officer charge into the crowd with no discernible provocation, after which numerous officers follow suit and continue down the street unleashing pepper spray on protesters as they retreat.

In another tweet, Dae the Lawless wrote: “Seattle Police Department drowning protestor with bear mace while they’re already on the ground unarmed. This is in broad daylight. This isn’t Trump’s feds. This is a local police department in a democratic city.”


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