WATCH: Seattle PD Officer Caught On Camera With Knee On Protester’s Neck

Screengrab / @mattmillsphoto / Twitter


This illegal strategy of forcing arrestees into compliance led to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Last night, the Seattle Police department made arrests after a number of protesters attempted to loot a T-Mobile in Seattle. However, as the police dispersed the crowd and made arrests, an officer was caught on camera placing his knee on a protester's neck.

The protester was already on the ground and complying with the arrest. To be sure, this illegal strategy of forcing arrestees into compliance is what resulted in the murder of George Floyd of Minneapolis earlier this week, the reason for the subsequent protests.

A man in the background shouted, “Get your knee off his fucking neck.”

The other officer making the arrest pulled his knee off the protester’s neck.


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It's interesting that this kind of thing is happening in a state and city that is supposed to be more liberal. Is the good news that the police stop when the crowd says something?

I'd also like to add that a underlying reason for the death of Floyd is grounded in drug prohibition. Drug prohibtion doesn't reduce drug consumption, rather it creates crime, abuse by police, OD death, and fuels drug syndicates. So if an area is considering de-funding, the place to start taking money away from is the prosecution of drug consumers.

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