Right-wing talk radio host Rush Limbaugh criticized Joe Biden’s Democratic National Convention speech last week and then mocked the presidential nominee over the death of his wife and son.

  • Media Matters reported that during his August 21 show, Limbaugh blasted Biden’s speech, saying: “Let me tell you what was old. Let me tell you what was been-there, done-that — last night. The only reason last night is being held up as some kind of greatness, is because Joe Biden didn’t screw up. It’s because Joe Biden was able to read the prompter, not lose his place, not lose his timing.”
  • Limbaugh continued that anyone who criticizes Biden is immediately met with rebuke because of the former Vice President’s history.

And if you dare talk about it that way, they’re going to be climbing down your chili. “You can’t be mean to Biden.” See, Biden is a sympathetic figure. We’re supposed to feel sorry for Biden. Do you know why? Because his wife died in car accident, and then his beloved son Beau Biden died from brain cancer. We’re supposed to feel sorry.

  • He then lamented that no one is allowed to “feel sorry for President Trump, whose brother just died. His brother Robert — who happened to be his best friend.”
  • "We can’t feel sorry for Trump. 'Trump deserves to be miserable. As much pain and suffering as he’s causing people, Trump deserves it,'" he said.
  • Limbaugh continued: “But no, we’re supposed to feel sorry for Plugs [Biden]. We’re supposed to feel sorry for [Biden] because he’s losing his mental acuity. He lost his wife years ago, and he lost his son, Beau Biden.”

Watch the clip here.