WATCH: Right Wing Counterprotesters Threaten Pro-BLM Protesters With Violence

Artivia Tahir

A BLM protest in Ohio turns violent once right wing extremist counter-protesters arrive

The police department of Bethel, Ohio, is investigating about 10 incidents from a clash between Black Lives Matter protesters and counter-protesters, according to

  • Bethel’s Solidarity with Black Lives Demonstration work with the police to plan a march to take place in Bethel.
  • Turnout was higher than the 20 to 25 people police were expecting; then counterprotesters showed up, causing the crowd to swell up to around 800 people, according to police estimates.
  • Bethel officials said in a statement:

"These groups included several motorcycle gangs, back the blue groups, and second amendment advocates. Towards the latter part of the event, the various other groups began to move toward the Bethel’s Solidarity with Black Lives Demonstration area. This resulted in approximately 10 incidents. Those involved were removed from the scene and there are ongoing investigations concerning those incidents."

The protests were initially peaceful, but became more chaotic as the counter-protesters arrived.

  • The counter-protesters arrived in motorcycles and many of them were touting semi-automatic rifles. They would grab signs from the protesters and scream in their faces.
  • Protester Andrea Dennis said:"I was really scared because they were carrying guns and they were so aggressive. They were grabbing me and grabbing my mom and they just seemed to have no respect for the law."

The Facebook video Dennis recorded shows a woman trying to wrestle a BLM sign away from one of the demonstrators. One man repeatedly shouts, “Don’t put that in my face” at the demonstrators. Another man with his face covered by a confederate flag rips a poster to the sound of cheering. Two men can be seen down the street carrying semi-automatic rifles.

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