WATCH: Republican Election Judge Mocks Chinese Accent As He Downplays Virus

Screengrab / Jwheels_74 / Twitter


Republicans are denouncing the novel coronavirus, with some claiming it is a hoax perpetrated by the Democratic Party.

Recently, Republican election judge Douglas “D.B.” Stearns in Bexar County, Texas, spoke about the novel coronavirus at a rally outside City Hall.

  • A video of him downplaying the threat of the virus and mocking a Chinese accent surfaced on Twitter.
  • Stearns, who also is a GOP precinct chairman, said during his speech that people have a 0.05 chance of catching the “Wuhan flu.”

  • On the Facebook group for the Republican Party of Bexar County, there are posts arguing that “liberal reporters are pushing lies and disinformation, while ignoring the facts.”
  • The group also wrote that “the number of Confirmed Cases is meaningless,” and they believe “the so-called leaders are not leading by facts, but are pushing their fear mongering agenda.”

“We live in a health society compared to many nations around the world,” the Republican Party of Bexar County continued. “Dr. Fauci cannot decide if we need to quarantine or open the economy, wear masks or not, stay home or get back to work. He bounces around like the ball in a pinball machine, and all the while average citizens are watching their lives be destroyed over a 0.05% chance of catching the CHINA FLU. Restraining 99.95% of population is not safe, it’s tyranny.”

  • Along similar lines, San Antonio ExpressNews wrote about how a Bexar County GOP chair, Cynthia Brehm, “denounced the novel coronavirus as a hoax at a rally outside City Hall.”
  • As soon as Chairwoman Brehm told supporters that the virus was “a hoax perpetrated by the Democratic Party,” Democrats responded by “issuing a statement that said Texas Republicans were downplaying the threat...and had mismanaged the health crisis,” ExpressNews reported.

The Texas Democratic Party said in its Saturday statement, “From top to bottom, Texas Republican leaders continue to downplay and mismanage the coronavirus crisis. Texans continue to suffer because of their lack of leadership.”

The attitudes of both Brehm and Stearns are linked to the leadership of Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R).

Read the ExpressNews story here.


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