WATCH: Republican Candidate Claims Social Distancing Causes “Zombies”

Screengrab / @RightWingWatch / Twitter


“If we continue to social distance, de-socialize...we lose our caring for our fellow human being and we become zombies.”

Republican Senate candidate Jo Rae Perkins said social distancing and mask wearing are tools being used by the left to turn Americans into “zombies.”

  • In a video posted to Twitter by Right Wing Watch, Perkins says: “If we continue to social distance, de-socialize, mask-shame people, we lose our caring for our fellow human being, and we become zombies. That’s what’ll happen. And it’s very insidious, they’re not going to be open, obvious, about what they’re going to do...I know people are going to call me crazy.”
  • RWW previously reported that Perkins is a supporter of QAnon, the conspiracy theory whose followers believe “that President Donald Trump and his allies are fighting a behind-the-scenes war against a cabal of pedophiles and their protectors​, who are hiding in plain sight in business, entertainment​, and Democratic politic​s.”
  • The publication also noted that Perkins won her primary election earlier this year “in a blowout.”


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William of Ockham
William of Ockham

Answer me this? If the Democrats have so much power they can organize a world wide conspiracy that involves everything you oppose about managing this insidious virus, couldn't they also have rigged the 2016 election so that Hillary Clinton won?
THAT's why everything you say, self-admittedly your opinion, is so far from reality that you and your opinions are laughable.


Oregon run from this person as fast as u can ...she would definitely be a person that would follow a "jim jones"


'we losing our caring for our fellow human beings' Too late, lady. The GOP have beat you to it. They have absolutely no caring for anyone but themselves and their wallets. If you actually get elected I pity Oregon. You are as crazy as a bedbugt.


Does anyone get the feeling that there are WAY more crazy stupids in this country than we ever imagined? A school fail? Social Media unchecked? Conspiracy sites quoted by Trump? Rise of CHURCH IN STATE? Rewrite of textbooks? Science as an elective?

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