WATCH: Pence Defends Trump’s MAGA Rallies; “We’re In An Election Year”

Screengrab / ABC News / YouTube


Vice President Mike Pence defended President Trump's rallies and said both leaders "trust the American people."

In an interview with ABC News Live's Linsey Davis, Vice President Mike Pence defended President Trump’s rallies, despite them likely contributing to the spread of coronavirus, a deadly contagion. Pence excused the rallies in part by saying it's “an election year.”

He responded to a question about Trump’s recent packed rally in Pennsylvania by saying the coronavirus task force gives counsel to “each individual state” because “the circumstances are very different from one state to another.”

The vice president also said the White House has trusted governors and the American people to make the right choices.

Asked then why Trump would ignore Nevada’s governor’s request not to hold a rally in the state, Pence pivoted to his election year excuse: “Well, we’re in an election year, and not surprisingly some politics is being played. Because in Nevada, that governor actually saw to it that the president was denied access to three or four outdoor sites, which would have been our first choice.”

Asked point blank if he is concerned about seeing such large gatherings of people amid the pandemic, Pence responded: “President Trump and I trust the American people. We truly do believe in this freedom-loving nation.”



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