WATCH: Newly Released Video Documents Trump Sexualizing His Daughters

Screengrab / Meidas Touch / YouTube


A new MeidasTouch ad plays a handful of clips documenting President Trump's sexual remarks about his daughters.

MeidasTouch produced a new anti-Trump ad documenting how the president has sexualized his own daughters over the years, as well as hitting on Donald Trump’s relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of child sex trafficking prior to his death.

The ad, shared on Twitter, includes the recording of Trump talking with radio shock jock Howard Stern about Ivanka Trump, while showing an image of the president’s daughter as a teenager.

“Your daughter,” Stern begins, as Trump chimes in, “She’s beautiful.”

“A piece — can I say this? A piece of ass,” the radio host continues. Trump replies, “Yeah.”


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