WATCH: Man Shows Up To WH Protest In Blackface, Gets Punched In The Head

Screengrab / StringerBase / YouTube


Two individuals were arrested in connection with the incident, and police are seeking an arrest warrant for a third man.

According to TMZ, a white man who showed up to a Washington, D.C., protest wearing blackface “got sucker-punched as cops were leading him away ... which sparked a wild police chase on foot.”

  • “A crowd of mostly Black Lives Matter and anti-Trump protesters gathered near the White House late Thursday night after President Trump accepted the presidential nomination to close the Republican National Convention,” the outlet reported.
  • The man who turned up in blackface “stood out like a sore thumb, angering some of the protesters who shouted he was racist and loudly encouraged him to get the hell outta Dodge.”
  • A few cops were intervening, the report continues, when a man recording the scene shouts “Blackface!” and another man comes from behind to punch the blackface-sporting man.
  • Officers then took off after the attacker, TMZ reported, and caught up with him after a short time.
  • Police have identified the man in blackface as Michael David Pion from Annandale, Virginia.
  • The man who initially punched Pion in the face was released, but TMZ said police are now seeking an arrest warrant.

Cops say 2 other suspects -- Mahadi Lawal and Jonathan Gartrelle -- were also busted for their alleged involvement. Lawal was arrested for simple assault for allegedly striking Pion in the face with his fist ... and when cops tried to break that up, cops allege Gartrelle pulled an officer to the ground and then tried to resist arrest by laying on his stomach and locking his arms under his body. Gartrelle was arrested for assault on a police officer.



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