WATCH: Little Girl Watches On As Man Hangs Kentucky's Gov. In Effigy

Screengrab / Claire McCaskill / Twitter


A video of several people hanging Kentucky’s Governor in effigy right outside his home was posted on Twitter.

Sarah Ladd, a reporter at the Courier Journal, posted a Twitter thread of a Kentucky rally that took place in front of Governor Andy Beshear’s mansion.

  • The protestors were taking part in a Patriot Day Rally to exercise Second Amendment rights according to Microsoft News.
  • They were shouting at Governor Beshear to come outside, and at the end of the rally, someone hung him in effigy with a sign around his neck that read, “sic semper tyrannis,” a Latin phrase meaning “thus always to tyrants.”
  • Ladd posted a video of the hanging, in which a little girl is watching from the sidelines.

Claire McCaskill, former Senator (D- MO) and current NBC News and MSNBC News analyst, reposted the video, commenting, “Hate is taught.”

Read the Microsoft News report here.


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