WATCH: Lindsey Graham Calls America’s Segregation Era “The Good Ole Days”


Sen. Lindsey Graham used the phrase while posing a question to Amy Coney Barrett during her confirmation hearing.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) referred to America’s segregation era as “the good ole days” in phrasing a question to Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett on day three of Barrett’s confirmation hearings.

“One of the reasons you can say with confidence that you think Brown v. Board of Education is super-precedent is you’re not aware of any effort to go back to the good ole days of segregation by a legislative body, is that correct?” Graham asked.

Graham posed the question in defending Barrett’s refusal to answer questions regarding cases currently or likely to come before the Supreme Court during her potential tenure.


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Twitter reactions were immediate:

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I was born in the 1950’s and went to college in the 1970’s. And faced racial attacks. I
Remember those days. Nothing was good about it. Lindsey Graham demonstrates bellicose behavior.

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