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I love this country. It's not perfect, no country is. The largest problem we face is a lack of standing together when the chips are down regardless of our own petty biases. This is something Americans used to have great pride in being able to do. Not anymore - it's all about party lines. When did someones's choice of political party determine their worth to the rest of society? Well you can see it right here in numbers. 38% of the population do not want to listen to anything that 50% of the people have to say and see them as the deep state, or commies or libtards or snowflakes - it's just sad. over 35 prominent people ranging from Military, to Politically appointed staff members to actual friends of President Trump, to former Apprentice show contestants to former Miss Universe (or whatever pageant show he owned) contestants to his own family members have all accused Mr. Trump with impulsive, uninformed, illegal, petty, racist, cruel, manipulative and immoral acts and thoughts. The President himself has admitted to saying, thinking and doing these things and has bragged openly about being able to shoot someone and not losing one vote. These 38% of the people think that they know better than people that have lived with him, worked right next to him and/or been forced out of Donald's world due to a real or perceived lack of "Loyalty". They believe what he tells them to believe even as his actions are the exact opposite of what he says. These 38% believe the 50% are sheep and brainwashed yet the 38% all claim the exact same story, all of the same conspiracy theories, all the same factually untrue catch phrases - all of them pointing fingers at the majority and telling them they are wrong, stupid, lefties, libtards, socialists etc.... Never once realizing that what they are saying has been repeated to them over and over again until they stop listening because they stop thinking for themselves and let their minds be made up by a con artist and a criminal that has only one goal in life - to get re-elected. The 38% of the voters still stuck on stupid and siding with someone that doesn't give one hair off a rats ass about them

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