WATCH: Last Night, Biden Called Giuliani “A Russian Pawn”, A Title He Deserves

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U.S. intelligence officials reportedly warned the White House about Rudy Giuliani's dealings with Russian agents.

Former Vice President Joe Biden called President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani a “Russian pawn” during Thursday night’s presidential debate — a title with which Trump’s own intelligence officials appear to agree.

From The Washington Times:

Mr. Biden accused Mr. Trump of being soft on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attempts to interfere in the U.S. elections and then turned to Mr. Giuliani’s role in promoting allegations that the former vice president has lied about what he knew about his son Hunter’s lucrative overseas business deals.

“His own national security adviser told him that … his buddy Rudy Giuliani is being used as a Russian pawn. He is being fed information that is Russia, that is not true, and then what happens? Nothing happens, and then you find out everything that is going on here is about Russia is wanting to make sure that I do not get elected the next president of the United States because they know I know them, and they know me.”

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The existence of the intelligence was first reported by the Washington Post and later confirmed by The New York Times, both of which reported that White House national security adviser Robert O'Brien warned President Donald Trump about it. NBC News has not confirmed that detail. The Post cited four former officials while the Times relied on four current and former officials.

  • The agencies were not spying directly on Giuliani but picked up his communications while spying on those with whom he was speaking, the report noted.
  • Those individuals include pro-Russia Ukrainian lawmaker “Andrii Derkach, who has been identified by the Treasury Department as a Russian agent.”
  • Through the communications, U.S. intelligence officials learned of “Giuliani's dealings with Derkach and other Russian operatives who wanted to feed him information attempting to discredit Democrat Joe Biden,” according to the report.
  • During the debate, Trump countered Biden’s accusations by saying he has been tougher on Russia than any other president.
  • “While he was selling pillows and sheets, I sold tank busters to Ukraine, there has been nobody tougher on Russian than Donald Trump,” the president said.

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