WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Shamefully Trivializes Voter Suppression

Screengrab / Reuters / YouTube

Artivia Tahir

Kellyanne Conway trivializes voter suppression by comparing it to waiting in line for cupcakes in an interview

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, told reporters on Wednesday that if voters could wait in line for a cupcake, then they could wait in line to vote.

The statement, which woefully trivializes the issue of voter suppression, was in reference to the scores of people who routinely wait in lines outside the famous D.C.-based bakery Georgetown Cupcakes.

  • In the interview recorded by CSPAN, Conway gave the statement:

“People very proudly show up and go to the polls. They really are, I mean they wait in line for, at Georgetown Cupcake for an hour to get a cupcake. So I think they can probably wait in line to do something as consequential and critical and constitutionally significant as cast their ballot.”

  • She also alluded to the potential benefit that expanding voting access would have for Democratic nominee Joe Biden:

“The Democrats don’t like their candidate, they didn’t want Joe Biden to be their nominee, so they’re looking for any which way they can to, to find other methods by which to make him more appealing to the voters.”



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