WATCH: In California, Trump Supporter Attacks Woman, Seems To Revel In Hate

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A Trump supporter was caught on video attacking progressive activists and overturning their table of merchandise.

A Trump supporter in Bakersfield, California, got in one woman’s face, attacked another, tried to punch a man and ultimately overturned a table of merchandise at the corner of Rosedale Highway and Coffee Road this weekend.

  • Local news station KGET reported that Trump supporters and progressive activists have been selling merchandise together at the corner for three weeks, and sometimes the situation escalates to violence.
  • Progressive activist Erika Harris posted a video of Sunday’s altercation to Twitter.

  • Though there was disagreement between the two sides as to what sparked the altercation, the video clearly shows a Trump supporter escalating matters.
  • After approaching one woman aggressively, getting in her face despite wearing no mask and breaking her sign, the man moves around the group to another woman and hits her on the head. He then goes after a man in the group.

The Trump supporter throws his hand at the other man’s head. When he misses – he tries to get closer and then throws two punches at his face. He then flipped the progressive activists’ table. The people at this corner everyday say there’s little conflict amongst themselves.

The man in the video throwing punches got in his car and drove away before police arrived. If you know anything about this man, call Bakersfield Police at 327-7111.

  • Harris told KGET: “The people next to us who are selling the merch have been peaceful. We offer each other water and we’re on good terms. It’s the people that come and buy the merch. It’s the Trump supporters that buy the merch that have been antagonizing us and giving us problems.”

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