WATCH: Democrats Ask Sergeant At Arms To Remove Louie Gohmert From Hearing Room

William James

Louie Gohmert is tapping on a table trying to district from today's testimony.

Link if video doesn't load. (Please listen to how disruptive the tapping is.)

In this video, Representative Louis Gohmert (R-TX) bangs loudly on the table in front of him as Donald Ayer, a former senior Justice Department official, testifies.

As Gohmert pounds on the table, Ayers warns lawmakers that Barr is an incredibly dangerous liar.

*Ayer served in both Democratic and Republican administrations.

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Hehehehehe😂🤣 that'll show you librul snowflakes. No oversight, suppress voting, watcha gonna do about it?

Marty H
Marty H

I could spend the next hour explaining why you’re wrong but ‘You’re a frickin’ idiot’ seems more appropriate.


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