WATCH: CNN Asks Trump Supporters To Show What’s On Their Facebook Feed

Scott, a Trump supporter who told CNN he follows "Anybody that agrees with me."


One Trump supporter told CNN he follows "Anybody that agrees with me."

CNN's Donie O'Sullivan spoke with Trump supporters at President Trump’s rally in Bemidji, Minnesota, to find out what they see when they open up their Facebook feeds. The results were nothing short of predictable.

  • “Many of the President's supporters told CNN that they felt the platforms' fact-checking processes were biased against conservative viewpoints,” CNN wrote. “Others discussed social media posts that contained manipulated media as if they were real.”

"Like when Joe Biden fell asleep during a live interview on television," one supporter recalled, describing a video that went viral only a few weeks prior to the rally.

The video — which appears to show Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden sleeping as a TV news anchor repeats, "Wake up!" — was shared on Twitter by White House social media director Dan Scavino.

But the video was fake.

  • Another rally attendee, identified in the CNN video as Scott, was asked what sort of pages he follows on Facebook. His response: “Anybody that agrees with me.”
  • “That would be a Republican, an anti-abortion guy, and pro-gun, and pro-beer,” he qualified.
  • When O’Sullivan asked if he thinks it would be good to follow pages or people he disagrees with, Scott gave a definitive no.
  • “No, because they call me stupid, ignorant, you know. Why would I follow people that throw rocks at me constantly because they don’t agree with me. I got tens of thousands of people that do.”

Watch the full video:


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