WATCH: Australian News Crew Attacked By Police During White House Protests


An Australian news crew allegedly was attacked by police during protests near the White House on Monday.

An Australian news crew allegedly was attacked by police during Monday’s protests outside the White House, prompting Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to call for an investigation into the incident.

  • The Hill reported that Network Seven cameraman Tim Myers was seen on video being hit with a riot shield and punched in the face by police.

  • Additionally, another police officer “was also seen swinging a truncheon at reporter Amelia Brace.”

  • The news crew was also “shot with rubber bullets and faced the tear gas thrown at protesters near the White House.”

  • The Hill reported that the incident “was caught up both by Myers’s camera but also by local Washington, D.C., outlet ABC 7-WJLA.”

  • Morrison called the incident “troubling” and called upon the Australian Embassy to investigate the matter.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese also condemned the incident, telling reporters: "In a democratic society the role of the media is critical, and it's important the media are able to report on events, including crises such as we're seeing in the United States, free from harassment. The violence that has occurred towards members of the media is completely unacceptable."

U.S. Ambassador to Australia Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr. said in a statement that his embassy takes “mistreatment of journalists seriously, as do all who take democracy seriously.”

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Mini cop needs to be fired.


Why use the term alleged? They were not allegedly attacked. They WERE attacked as evidenced by the video.

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