WATCH: At West Point Today, Trump Appeared To Have Trouble Walking

William James

Trump appeared to have trouble walking at West Point today. (see clips below)

Trump appeared to have trouble walking at West Point today. We know remarkably little about the president's health overall:


The only information we have about Trump's health prior to the annual physical he is subject to in the White House comes in the form of a letter that his personal physician at the time says was entirely dictated by Trump. And the medical records that might shed some light on Trump's past medical history have been confiscated by Trump associates.

Which kind of feels like the plot of a movie, not real life. But it is real life!

To be clear: Like Donald Trump's tax history, we are almost certain to never see any piece of his medical history -- and certainly not in the 2020 campaign. (For what it's worth, Joe Biden, who is 77, released the details of a recent physical in December 2019.)

And Trump won't win or lose the election because of it -- although, for someone with such an opaque medical history, he sure does spend a lot of time attacking Biden's physical and mental fitness for office.

But like so much of Trump's presidency, his approach to his health and medical history is deeply abnormal. And that has to be noted.

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Those pesky bone spurs must be back:-)


Perhaps too much "golfing" around a motorized cart is like wheelchair ?

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