A woman in Ohio refused to leave the DMV while trying to accompany her boyfriend inside without wearing a mask, despite the governor’s mask mandate and a sign on the door stating, "Face Coverings Must Be Worn Upon Entering."

  • The woman, identified as Anna Peric, posted video of the incident on Facebook, alongside a lengthy rant saying she refused to leave when asked because they "cannot tell me what to do with my body."
  • After an exchange with a young woman working at the DMV, a supervisor arrives to tell Peric she needs to wait for her boyfriend outside.
  • When the supervisor informs Peric that she must wear a mask due to the governor’s mandate, Peric responds: "It's a mandate. It's not a law. Your job is not to enforce mandates.”
  • The supervisor threatens to call the police, at which point her own boyfriend says, "The cops are going to come here. You don't want that shit again.”
  • Others waiting inside the DMV also confronted Peric on the issue, trying to make their case that wearing a mask is necessary amid the pandemic, but to no avail.

A quick scroll through Peric’s Facebook page reveals that this is not the first time she has intentionally walked mask-free into a public space, and she is also an avid Trump supporter.

Watch the video: