Washington State Senate Passes Bill Meant To Force Trump To Release Tax Returns

If this bill is passed, Trump will not appear on the 2020 ballot in Washington if he does not release his tax returns.

Last week, a bill was passed in the Washington Senate that would prevent Trump from appearing on the state’s ballot if he does not release his tax returns. It is now headed to the state’s House of Representatives for further discussion, and a similar bill in New Jersey is currently waiting in the state’s General Assembly.

The Washington bill would force any candidate seeking to run for President in the state to release their last five years of tax returns if they wish to be appear on the ballot for the general or primary election.

The Washington Attorney General and solicitor commented that they thought the move was constitutional, but that it would most likely have to pass trial in federal court for it to truly have an effect.

Republicans and Democrats are seemingly at odds over the validity of necessity of such a bill, with Democrats finding it vital to the maintenance of honest elections, and Republicans pushing back on the grounds of a state being able to condition a federal election.

All of this comes as a result of the fact that President Trump broke presidential norms by being the first president in 40 years not to release his tax statements before an election.

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