Washington State Republicans Elect Alleged Child Predator As Committee Chairman



Dan Clark was convicted after repeatedly sneaking into a 15-year-old girl's bedroom to hug and kiss her on her bed.

Clark County Republicans in Washington state elected a man convicted of sneaking into a 15-year-old girl’s bedroom and providing her with alcohol as chairman of a party committee, according to The Columbian.

Dan Clark, a precinct committee officer with the party, allegedly sneaked in through the girl’s bedroom window repeatedly, where the then-43-year-old would spend time hugging and kissing her on her bed.

The pair drank alcohol together and read poems, according to the affidavit, and Clark gave her a cell phone she could use to communicate with him. Police said the girl told them “he loves her, wants to marry her” and that Clark gave her a wedding dress magazine.

The Republican “was arrested on suspicion of 10 counts of residential burglary with sexual motivation,” The Columbian reported, and subsequently “convicted of residential burglary, violation of a civil anti-harassment order and furnishing alcohol to minors, and he was sentenced to roughly nine months in jail.”

But on Tuesday, Clark won 70 percent of the vote to become the next chairman of the party’s Bylaws and Resolutions Committee — even though all 10 voting members were aware of his predatory history.

Several Republicans denounced the move and at least one official has already resigned.

Washington state Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, wrote in a Facebook post: “What is wrong with the local Clark County GOP? I want nothing further to do with it. It is more like a cult than a political party. With all the Jeffrey Epstein revelations, have we learned nothing? Girls who have been groomed and exploited need for someone to make a stand for them.”

She continued: “I want nothing to do with these people, their situational ethics not only disgust but astound me. The party leadership needs to do the right thing and fix this problem. As we try to attract more young people, we don’t need to be known as the ‘happy hunting grounds’ for sick individuals who like underage girls.”

Clark County Councilor John Blom resigned his post, saying, “I want no part in an organization that knowingly and willingly allows individuals that prey on minors into positions of power.”

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