Washington State, California And New York City Pave Way For Universal Healthcare

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee.Jay Inslee/CC BY-ND 2.0/Flickr


If enacted, 55 million Americans (or roughly ⅙ Americans) would have access to some form of universal health care.

On Tuesday, January 8, new initiatives were announced to expand health insurance for individuals living in Washington state and New York City, following a similar plan by new California Governor Gavin Newsom the day before, according to the Daily Journal.

The plans, released by Washington Governor Jay Inslee and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio respectively, included coverage for residents who currently lack it. Specifically, New York’s plan included an allotted $100 million-a-year to fund the plan, which also included undocumented immigrants

Reports have analyzed that these moves are aiming toward universal health care in alignment with Democrats and are aimed at opposing President Trump’s support of rolling back the Affordable Care Act.


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