Washington D.C. Says Trump “Lacks Sufficient Character” For Liquor License

The DC Alcohol Board has denied Trump’s hotel a liquor license after a challenge to the president's character.

The District of Columbia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has denied the application of the Trump International Hotel in DC to renew its liquor license. Complaints made against the hotel by a group of residents and property owners has paused the request by President Trump’s hotel for a new license to sell liquor on its premises.

The group has challenged the license renewal application on the basis that Trump “lacks good character,” which is a requirement to renew the liquor license. The Trump Hotel has tried to get the challenge dismissed, but the request has been denied.

The hotel has argued that Trump’s character should have no effect on licensing decision because the hotel is managed by a private limited liability corporation. The hotel also argued that the complaint did not have the necessary signatures or the addresses of the individuals who issued the challenge. The Board has ordered the release of the addresses and identities of those who filed the challenge.

The board also has ordered that all proceedings shall stop until the hotel receives the addresses. The issue will resume and a final decision will be given after written arguments have been submitted and all proceedings are done.

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