War Criminal Trump Pardoned Says He Can’t Get A Job “Even At Walmart Or Target”

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Clint Lorance said in a now-deleted tweet that his dishonorable discharge "makes it impossible to find a job."

President Donald Trump granted former US Army 1st Lt. Clint Lorance a full pardon last month, but the convicted war criminal says despite the intervention, he is unable to find a job — not even at Walmart or Target.

Business Insider reported that Lorance, who was sentenced to 19 years in military prison after his 2013 conviction, tweeted on Thursday that his pardon and early release from prison have not helped make finding a job any easier.

In the tweet, which appears to have been subsequently deleted, Lorance wrote that a dishonorable discharge "makes it impossible to find a job. Even at Walmart or Target.”

Trump "told me my record would be expunged," he continued. "His staff in the White House must have disagreed. This will be an uphill battle."

Lorance had served six years of his sentence when the president granted him clemency in November. Nine of his fellow soldiers testified against him at trial, Business Insider noted, after which he was ultimately “found guilty of second-degree murder by ordering his soldiers to shoot at three unarmed men on a motorcycle in Afghanistan in 2012.”

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Got what he deserved.


Trump will appoint the scumbag to some high level lucrative position in the WH. “Religious advisor” Paula White whose previous “prosperity church” was shut down, now makes 6 figures w/an office next door to Trump. Press Sec’y convicted of DWI’s also makes 6 figures & hasn’t held a press conference in a yr. Maybe he’ll be appointed ambassador to Ukraine or Russia.


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