WaPo: Trump Told Aides That American Jews Aren’t Loyal To The U.S.

Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks / Public Domain


President Trump reportedly has said that Jewish Americans "are only in it for themselves" and "stick together."

According to current and former U.S. officials, President Trump has suggested to senior aides that Jewish Americans are not loyal to the United States.

The Washington Post reported:

After phone calls with Jewish lawmakers, Trump has muttered that Jews “are only in it for themselves” and “stick together” in an ethnic allegiance that exceeds other loyalties, officials said.

The report also noted that officials said Trump has disparaged Black Americans, saying they mostly have themselves to blame for their struggle for equality. In Trump's view, Black people have been held back more by lack of initiative than societal obstacles, according to officials.

When challenged on these views by subordinates, Trump has invariably responded with indignation. “He would say, ‘No one loves Black people more than me,’ ” a former senior White House official said. The protests rang hollow because if the president were truly guided by such sentiments he “wouldn’t need to say it,” the official said. “You let your actions speak.”

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