WaPo: Trump Has Made 19,127 False Or Misleading Claims In 1,226 Days

Megan Everts

President Donald Trump has a trend of making false or misleading claims.

President Donald Trump has made 19,127 false or misleading claims as of May 29, his 1,226th day in office, and he may end up reaching over 25,000 by the end of his term, reported the Washington Post.

  • Trump’s numbers average to “almost 16 claims a day over the course of his presidency,” and this year “he’s averaging just over 22 claims a day.”
  • Keeping this pace would leave Trump “just short of 25,000” false claims by the end of his term, but his pace could increase in October, which is “a dangerous month for the truth, especially if an election is nearing.”
  • In October 2018 and 2019, Trump made about 40 false or misleading claims a day.

Trump has a habit of repeating certain false claims, as “the Fact Checker database has recorded more than 450 instances in which he has repeated a variation of the same claim at least three times.”

  • His most repeated claim is that “the U.S. economy today is the best in history,” which he has asserted 334 times.

He began making this claim in June 2018, and it quickly became one of his favorites. He’s been forced to adapt for the tough economic times, and doing so has made it even more fantastic. Whereas he used to say it was the best economy in U.S. history, he now often recalls he had achieved “the best economy in the history of the world.”

  • Trump’s second-most repeated the claim is “that his border wall is being built,” offered 261 times. The Post noted that “Congress balked at funding the concrete barrier he envisioned, so the project evolved into the replacement of smaller, older barriers with steel bollard fencing.”
  • Additionally, he has “falsely said 206 times that he passed the biggest tax cut in history.” According to The Post, Trump’s tax cut was “the eighth-largest tax cut in 100 years.”

Although it is uncertain whether Trump will ultimately make 25,000 false or misleading claims by the end of his term, it is evident that his trend of making such claims will not end anytime soon.

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