WaPo Places Story Of Kavanaugh's Return To Coaching In Public Safety Section

Conservatives were outraged that a Washington Post story about Brett Kavanaugh was listed under "public safety".

In publishing its story on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s return to coaching girls’ basketball, The Washington Post placed the article under its “public safety” category, irking conservatives across social media.

From The Hill:

Kavanaugh returned to coach his daughter's team over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend after telling the Senate Judiciary Committee last month that he “may never be able to coach again” due to accusations of sexual misconduct, which he denied, that were made against him during his confirmation hearing.

National Republican Senatorial Committee member Logan Dobson flagged the Kavanaugh story while questioning its placement in the public safety section. It was placed above a story about a 6-year-old child struck by a bus in Charles County, Md.

According to the Post, stories written by the author of the Kavanaugh piece automatically fall into the public safety category. A spokesperson told the Hill that the story was misplaced and would be relocated.

Kavanaugh faced allegations of sexual assault from multiple women during his confirmation process earlier this year, resulting in a public hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee in which both he and one of his accusers, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, testified regarding the alleged incident.

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