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Some farmers already hurt by flooding are growing more skeptical of President Trump’s continued involvement in trade wars with China and Mexico. These farmers are faced with the choice of either planting their crops in water-logged fields or filing an insurance claim, according to the Washington Post.

One South Dakota farmer, Ray Martinmaas, voted for Trump in 2016 but says he would be open to a Democrat like Montana Gov. Steve Bullock due to his frustration with Trump’s ongoing trade wars.

However, he also expressed dislike for coastal elites, saying “I always say the West Coast and East Coast can each be a country and the rest of us will be just fine.” He and his wife went on to laugh about how coastal elites would starve if it weren’t for rural America.

Martinmaas also expressed a growing disillusionment with Trump, between his tweets and his seeming abandonment of farmers and rural supporters.

While Trump’s general approval among rural and small-town Americans remains high at 57%, a survey of farmers released by Purdue’s Center for Commercial Agriculture shows only 20% saying they believe the trade war with China will be resolved by July 1.

Even after Trump tweeting that he had reached a deal with Mexico to avert the tariff threat, farmers like Martinmaas aren’t too fond of being used like pawns. He said, “We want the border secured, but there might be other ways to do it rather than using the farmers as a stick to beat Mexico over the head.”

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