Walmart Plans To Add Thousands Of Robot Workers To Its Stores

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Robots will take care of the mundane work while employees will have more specialized jobs.

According to Yahoo Finance, Walmart plans to automate some low-level tasks with their stores and give employees more specialized work. They hope to introduce 1,500 autonomous floor cleaners (“Auto C”), 300 shelf scanners (“Auto S”), 1,200 more FAST Unloaders to scan and sort items from trucks. More, 900 pickup towers will be added to retrieve online orders.

Walmart has embraced robot technology in order to assign employees different, more specialized roles.

John Crecelius, senior vice president of Walmart’s U.S. central operations, said robots will operate as assistants, working alongside humans.

"They are assistants to help you be more effective in taking care of what the customer needs to give you time to serve and sell,” he said.

More, the robots will play music.

“Some of those little things go a long way. It just makes it a lot more fun job,” Crecelius added. “It's easier for us to attract people to do the job."

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So what's a barely graduated teen gonna do, pay to go to college, only to find out that the job they were aiming for was also replaced by a robot?

This is what Republicans support. Then drop support after they realize it supports the poor.


Example in picture requires human operator.


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