Walmart Looking To Remove All Cashiers From Its Stores

Screengrab / WTAJ TV / YouTube

Sarah Shaiman

A store in Arkansas has already made the switch to automation in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Walmart is removing cashiers from one of its superstores in Fayetteville, Arkansas, according to a Fox 5 NY report.

  • Walmart hopes to see if it decreases checkout time for transactions. It also works to limit human interaction during the pandemic, where cashiers would be interacting with hundreds of customers per day. 
  • Workers can still help customers who are having trouble with self-checkout. 
  • Walmart may expand this strategy if it turns out to be a success.
  • Earlier this month, a Denver Walmart was ordered to close after three employees died of coronavirus. 

It seems as though the coronavirus has expedited the move toward automation that so many Americans have viewed as inevitable. 

The once marginal Andrew Yang campaign made this the centerpiece of his campaign. He brought ideas like Universal Basic Income to the forefront of American political discourse because once stores automate, job loss will be inevitable. 

If Walmart begins to remove cashiers in all of its stores, it could lead to thousands of lost jobs across the United States.  

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