Wall Street Journal: ‘Steve Bannon Is For Losers’

Don Irvine CC - 2.0

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board spared no punches in its assessment of Bannon's anti-GOP efforts.

While Roy Moore's loss in the Alabama special election might have been a bullet dodged for the Republican party, the defeat was a direct hit for alt-right sweetheart Stephen Bannon.

As the Wall Street Journal's Editorial Board notes, by backing Moore in the Senate race, Bannon displayed an inability to read voters and will likely fail in his attempt at replacing incumbent Republicans with far-right candidates in 2018.

Mr. Bannon backed Mr. Moore in the primary, though the judge had been removed twice from the state Supreme Court for refusing to follow a legitimate court order. Mr. Moore was a political self-implosion guaranteed to happen.

The Journal editors observe that Moore himself was the problem, not the national Republican agenda. Bannon's push for a disgraceful candidate was rejected by Alabama, particularly the state's women and communities of color.

The Moore defeat should also be a lesson to the Republican Party, and President Trump, that many GOP voters are still at heart character voters. They will only accept so much misbehavior in a politician, no matter the policy stakes.

In the end, Tuesday's defeat reveals something significant about Trump's former chief strategist:

The Alabama result shows that Mr. Bannon cares less about conservative policy victories than he does personal king-making. He wants to depose Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader even if it costs Republicans Senate control. GOP voters, take note: Mr. Bannon is for losers.