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Intelligence officials warned House lawmakers that Russia is again trying to sabotage the U.S. presidential election for Trump, but that disclosure angered him, according to a Washington Post op-ed. 

Greg Sargent writes: “Let’s not mince words: Trump and his GOP defenders appear to be actively abetting an attack on our country. By contrast, Democrats can be accused only of passivity -- a serious abdication, but not remotely comparable to what Trump and his defenders are orchestrating.”

“Trump is angry because our intelligence officials followed the law and informed members of both parties about what the intel indicated about New Russian efforts,” he continued. 

“In short: Our intelligence officials have concluded that another effort to subvert our election is underway. And Trump’s leading worry is that this could be used against him, not that our election is in grave danger of being compromised.”

Numerous concrete threats have arisen, including new efforts to spread disinformation to divide the country as well as possible efforts to interfere in state voting systems. 

Trump’s GOP has been likened to a “regime party” which is committed to holding power through manipulation of government. Trump’s Ukraine shakedown and the following coverup are the most recent examples. 

Then there’s Trump’s interference in the sentencing of his confidant Roger Stone. Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson noted that Stone was prosecuted for “covering up” Trump’s efforts to benefit from foreign interference of the 2016 election. 

“If and when Trump pardons Stone, this will be why: He does not view that as a bad thing, but as a positive for him. In a sense, Trump appears to want his intelligence agencies to function as Stone did: Not to alert Congress about outside interference that might benefit him, but instead to keep it under wraps,” Sargent writes. 

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