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Documents that could be used to stir up a trial against former President Barack Obama and top officials in his administration were taken to Attorney General William Barr late yesterday afternoon. Aaron Rupar, Vox reporter and long-time conservative critic, brings up a serious concern: that in light of Michael Flynn’s dropped charges as they relate to the Mueller investigation, Obama may become subject to charges.

“Just how far up does this go?” Fox News asks when speaking of ‘accountability’. Conservatives are looking to turn the tables on Democrats now that Flynn has been set free from any responsibility. Between Flynn’s case and President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, they may be looking for revenge.

Obama was never a fan of Flynn; he told Trump as he was coming to the White House that he should steer clear of the man. Obama had fired Flynn in 2014 when he served as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Flynn had been an outcast in Obama’s administration. He was seen as “aggressive” and did not reflect Obama’s policies on terrorism and the Middle East.

When the Mueller investigation started roaring to life, Flynn was caught in the crosshairs. He had pleaded guilty to lying during the investigation, but pivoted down the line and said he was “railroaded” into confessing.

It’s now come to light that Obama had allegedly known what was on Flynn’s wiretapping tapes and that he had discussed those tapes with Sally Yates, then-Deputy Attorney General. The classified documents were released in an effort by the Justice Department to justify dropping charges against Flynn.

The documents talk about a meeting that occurred on January 15th, 2017. The meeting attendees were Sally Yates, former FBI Director James Comey, and former Vice President Joe Biden.

The documents alleged that Obama stated he had 'learned of the information about Flynn' and the phone conversations in question. Obama 'specified that he did not want any additional information on the matter, but was seeking information on whether the White House should be treating Flynn any differently, given the information,'

The nature of the situation is made worse by the assertion that FBI officials had secretly discussed whether or not Obama’s aim was to get Flynn fired or “get him to lie”.

The New York Post goes into detail about what the documents stated:

“[Obama] specified that he did not have any additional information on the matter, but was seeking information on whether the White House should be treating Flynn any differently, given the information,” the documents show.

Yates, meanwhile, “had no idea” what Obama was referring to, but figured it out “based on the conversation,” according to the documents.

“Yates recalled Comey mentioning the Logan Act, but can’t recall if he specified there was an ‘investigation,’” the document continues. “Comey did not talk about prosecution in the meeting.”

“Yates did not recall Comey’s response to the President’s question about how to treat Flynn,” the account continued. “She was so surprised by the information she was hearing that she was having a hard time processing it and listening to the conversation at the same time.”

This is just one piece of the puzzle. The House Intelligence Committee also released transcripts of 57 witnesses that allegedly show that the Obama administration had no concrete evidence on Trump’s collusion with Russia.

With all of these things unfolding within a few days, Republicans may take their shot and put the Obama administration on a court stage. The whole debacle would be politically expedient; with the November elections looming in the near future, Trump needs a distraction from his slow and inadequate response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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