Voter Fraud Commission Member: Trump’s Claims Are A ‘Wild Goose Chase'

Screengrab/CBS Evening News/YouTube

"I think it's an urban legend that there's widespread voter fraud in the U.S." - Judge Alan King

A member of President Donald Trump's now-disbanded voter fraud commission said investigating the president's claims amounts to "a wild goose chase".

Jefferson County Presiding Probate Judge Alan King said he was unaware that the commission had been drawn to a close until Trump made a public statement, telling the announcement "came out of the blue".

The longtime judge said he thinks the disbandment was a good decision by the president, because the committee is wasting money by investigating something that isn't there.

"If we're going to go down the road of studying issues, let's do it right. Don't just spend a whole lot of taxpayer money... if we're not going to do it right, let's not just do it at all," he said.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the president signed an executive order passing the review process to the Department of Homeland Security, but King disagrees with pursuing further investigative efforts:

"I think it's a wild goose chase. I think it's an urban legend that there's widespread voter fraud in the U.S.," he said. "I hope (the Department of Homeland Security and White House officials) will start focus on real issues instead of made-up issues."

King, who said he had been frustrated by the commission's efforts for some time, wrote a letter to fellow commissioners stating his belief that voter suppression was a more important issue to investigate:

"It is my sincere hope and prayer that this Commission will focus on the real election issues facing the United States of America, including alleged 'hacking' by the Russians, instead of spending precious time focusing on non-issues to deprive American citizens from voting," King, a Democrat, stated in his 5-page report to the panel.