Vladimir Putin Accuses Poland Of Collaborating With The Nazi Invasion Of Poland

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Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested Poland colluded with Nazi Germany and embraced its antisemitism.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Poland of collusion with Adolf Hitler and antisemitism during a meeting with his top military officials this week, The Independent reported.

Putin’s comments came in response to a recent European Parliament resolution pointing to the Soviet Union’s actions, in part, as a precursor to World War II. The resolution “blamed the Soviet Union’s 1939 nonaggression pact with Nazi Germany for the outbreak of the war days later.”

The Russian president said the resolution was “sheer nonsense,” The Independent reported, suggesting that the Soviet Union had no choice but to enter into the pact with Germany because other European nations had signed nonaggression agreements with Hitler.

Putin said the 1938 Munich Agreement, which allowed Hitler to annex Czechoslovakia, was evidence of western “collusion” with the Nazi dictator.

After the Soviet Union signed the agreement with Germany in 1939, first the Germans and then the Soviets invaded Poland.

“Hitler and Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin then carved up Poland and the Baltic states based on a secret protocol in the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact,” the publication noted.

However, Putin pointed to “archive documents he claimed showed the Polish ambassador to Berlin praising Hitler’s plans to deport Jews from Europe,” calling the ambassador “scum” and an “antisemitic swine.”

“He expressed full solidarity with Hitler in his antisemitic views,” the Russian leader said.

In response to the comments, Poland accused Putin of parroting Soviet propaganda, and Warsaw offered “concern and disbelief” over his remarks.

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