Viruntly Pro-Trump Network, OANN, Employs ‘Reporter’ On Kremlin Payroll


Rouz works for Russia’s Sputnik while also ‘reporting’ for OANN.

An assessment by the U.S. intelligence community found that Kristian Brunovich Rouz reports on U.S. politics for the Trump-endorsed One America News Network (OANN) and simultaneously writes for Sputnik, the Kremlin-owned news organization that was linked to Russia’s 2016 election-interference operation, according to The Daily Beast

Kristian Brunovich Rouz is a Russian national born in Siberian city of Novosibirsk whose televised reports for OAN are typically filled with falsities.

Rouz claimed that Hillary Clinton was providing funds to antifa protesters through her political action committee in 2017. He falsely reported she had donated $800,000 to them that “went toward things like bricks, hammers, bats, and chains.”

Kremlin propaganda will sometimes be included in Rouz’s segments dropped in as background information. In a segment focusing on the Syrian rescue workers, known as the White Helmets, he references “allegations of the White Helmets’ involvement in military activities, executions, and numerous war atrocities.” Yet, those “allegations” were hoaxes, originating from Vladimir Putin and his associates. 

Former FBI agent Clint Watts said, “This completes the merger between Russian state-sponsored propaganda and American conservative media.” “We used to think of it as ‘They just have the same views’ or ‘They use the same story leads.’ But now they have the same personnel,” Watts said. 

In the OAN segments that feature Rouz, he is introduced as a “One America correspondent,” but his work for Sputnik, where he continues to file stories daily, specifically covering economic news, is not disclosed. 

According to Media Matters, Trump has believed at least two fakes stories after seeing them reported on OAN.

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