(Video) Trump Supporters Call 5-Year-Old Girl 'A Terrorist'

A Palestinian-American girl carrying an anti-Trump sign to rally was called a terrorist by two adult Trump supporters.

A group of Trump supporters called a Palestinian-American girl a 'terrorist' after seeing her carrying an anti-Trump sign. The girl was only 5-years-old.

The Raw Story claims that one of the adults who accosted the girl is John Turano, a member of the alt-right.

Turano recently told the Vanguard, Portland State University's student run university newspaper, that he regretted becoming involved with the alt-right since it had become filled with nazis.

Both Turano and his daughter Bianca poked fun at the child while simultaneously filming the interaction. During the video, Bianca claims 'free speech' as she yells invective at the little girl and her older cousin.

While the U.S. Constitution indeed protects free speech, it doesn't necessarily protect racial harassment, and it definitely doesn't protect people from the consequences of their speech, a lesson both Turanos are likely learning.

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Where do these types of people come from?