Video: Trump’s Personal Pastor Claimed To Have Cast Demons From The WH

Paula White-Cain is one of the many wealthy pastors that fully endorse Trump.

Celebrity pastor Paula White-Cain compared president Trump to a biblical prophet and claimed to have cast off the demons from the White House at a National Day of Prayer event held Thursday in the country’s capital, according to New York-based outlet Quartz.

The remarks came on the same day the administration released a new set of regulations that will allow health care professionals to refuse to perform services, including prescribing contraception medications, for religious reasons. In recent months, the president has also moved to eliminate the Johnson Amendment, which forbids tax-exempt religious organizations from endorsing political candidates.

Support for the administration remains high among some Christian denominations. According to a Pew Research poll, close to 70 percent of Evangelical Christians supported the president in January 2019. Other religious leaders have also expressed their support for the president on repeated occasions. Mega Church pastor Franklin Graham, for example, has said Trump is implementing God’s Plan through his foreign policy -- including shifting the US embassy to Jerusalem.

White-Cain, who also delivered the invocation at Trump’s inauguration, has been dubbed the president’s personal pastor. She has come under fire for her gospel of prosperity, through which she exacts large donations from church attendants. According to Quartz, she owned a $3.5 million condo in New York’s Trump Tower, as well as private jets before 2007.

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