(Video) Tape Of Michael Cohen Threatening A Reporter Has Leaked

President Trump's attorney threatened a reporter who was working on an unflattering story - and the tape has leaked.

When journalist Tim Mak decided to write a piece about then-candidate Donald Trump for the Daily Beast in 2015 – just as Trump was rising the Republican ranks – he intended to include the fact that Trump’s first wife, Ivana, had claimed during their divorce that he had raped her at one point in their marriage.

But Trump’s fixer and attorney, Michael Cohen, was not about to let that happen.

In a recorded phone call released Thursday, Mak can be heard speaking on the phone with Cohen, who is lobbing threat after threat toward the reporter, promising to ruin his life.

"You're talking about Donald Trump, you're talking about the front-runner for the GOP, presidential candidate, as well as private individual, who never raped anybody and of course understand that by the very definition you can't rape your spouse," Cohen said.

"So I'm warning you, tread very f***ing lightly because what I'm going to do to you is going to be f***ing disgusting. Do you understand me? Don't think you can hide behind your pen because it's not going to happen," Cohen said. "I'm more than happy to discuss it with your attorney and with your legal counsel because motherf***** you're going to need it."

"I think you should go ahead and write the story that you plan on writing; I think you should do it because I think you're an idiot, all right, and I think your paper is a joke," Cohen said. "And it's going to be my absolute pleasure to serve you with a $500 million lawsuit like ... I did to Univision."

Mak did go ahead and write the story, but no $500 million lawsuit ever materialized.

Listen to the exchange above.