Video Shows Law Enforcement Officers Slashing Tires At Minneapolis Protests

Screengrab / Global News / YouTube


Video evidence has emerged of law enforcement slashing tires during Minneapolis protests the weekend of May 30.

According to Slate, video evidence has emerged backing accusations that law enforcement officers slashed the car tires of protestors, reporters, and even medics during protests in Minneapolis.

  • Officers, including state troopers and county police, are seen slashing tires at a highway overpass in video footage from the weekend of May 31 found by Mother Jones.

  • Luke Mogelson, a writer for The New Yorker, is among those claiming their tires were slashed following the escalation of last Sunday’s protest where officers used tear gas. He said of the officers: “They were laughing. They had grins on their faces.”

  • Andrew Kimmel, another to experience slashed tires, documented the incident on Twitter, writing “No protestor would’ve been able to get in here after” police took over the protest area.

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