Video Shows Alleged OR Deputy Telling Militia How To Get Away With Lethal Force

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“Don’t get yourself in a situation where you lose your rights… You have to prove serious physical injury or death."

Video has emerged that appears to show an alleged Oregon sheriff’s deputy instructing militia members on how to get away with using lethal force amid the ongoing wildfires in the state.

The video was posted on September 11 by freelance journalists, RawStory reported, and purports to show “an interaction that took place in Clackamas County between armed militia members and a man who identifies himself as a sheriff’s deputy instructing them on how to use lethal force without facing.”

“Don’t get yourself in a situation where you lose your rights because you pushed the limit. You all mean to do good, your hearts in the right place, but the courts nowadays don’t give a sh*t where your heart is,” the deputy in the video said. “Be advised, there are homeowners who have been prosecuted for murder because they killed some guy who was on their property. You have to prove serious physical injury or death. Now, if you throw a f*cking knife in their hand after you shoot them, that’s on you.”

RawStory noted that the video surfaced “after an Oregon sheriff’s deputy was put on administrative leave after another video was circulated showing him making the claim that “antifa” was behind the wildfires that are currently ravaging the West Coast.”

Now, Clackamas County sheriff’s officials are denying any connection to a Facebook page that expressed support for that deputy, the Portland Tribune reports.

The Facebook page for Deputy Mark Nikolai was created on September 12 and was titled, “Patriots for Deputy Nikolai,” and declares: “We as a community want him put back to work. Share this page, if it gets enough attention, maybe Sheriff Craig Roberts will listen to the Clackamas Community.”

“I want to clarify for the record: One of our captains indicated a source stated that ‘antifa’ was involved in possible criminal activity. That source has since been determined to be false,” Sheriff Craig Roberts said in a statement on Monday.

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